Corridor: road based RISK game for Windows

Strongest artificial intelligence you will find!

Corridor is a strategy PC game variation of the classic board game of RISK.   
Play on numerous maps in this turn based game, and defeat all of your opponents.  Features include:

- 1000+ maps: generate your own map in seconds
- move your army across roads or between harbors           

- trade
cards for armies, movements or the destruction or repair of roads

- fog of war option

- make your own game rules

- replay finished games

- have
conquest or defeat determined by dice, or exclude all randomness for a more chess like encounter      

- single player and multiplayer for 2 – 10 players

- wage war against 8 different computer opponents: weak to ultra strong

- play local against the computer or online over the internet or LAN

for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Download a full version. 

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